Five Guys – Worth the Hype?

Five Guys is one of those places you hear about before you actually see a restaurant in the flesh. There aren’t many restaurants so I believe it’s quite common for people to make a trip to Cambridge Circus by Leicester Square.

I went on a Saturday early evening and the que was out of the door. Surprisingly though the que moved fast, faster than McDonalds, which was promising. Once you’ve chosen your burger or hot dog you can pick an unlimited number of toppings for free. I got a large chips to share between two; as the sign reassured me that as the chips were friend in peanut oil, there was no saturated fat. Somehow it still didn’t feel healthy. 

The highlight of the visit was the drinks machine, which alone makes the visit worth the hype. The machine lets you pick any variety of Coca-Cola brand drink, yes any. So once I had tried a sugar-free strawberry Fanta, and a Sprite Zero with strawberry, I settled on a less adventurous Diet Coke with lemon. That was really fun.

My burger and chips were very tasty. At about £10 for a meal, I wouldn’t class Five Guys as a substitute for fast food. But, given it is cheaper than going to somewhere like GBK, I’d say it was a fun, tasty experience, and I’d go back again in a heart beat. Just perhaps after I have run a good 10k or done a few gym classes to cancel out the calories! 

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  1. I have tried Five Guys once in Covent Garden. I wouldn’t say it is bad; it was quite tasty! But I can definitely say that I had better burgers; have you ever tried Bleecker Burger or Lucky Chip?, those are my favourites.

      1. Bleecker Burger is in Spitalfields, but they also appear at Streetfeast locations (if you haven’t tried Streetfeast yet, go there! Amazing food and great atmosphere, they have several locations in London), Lucky Chip is my personal favourite; It’s in Dalston!

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