Why I’ve been going to the Benefit Brow Bar for 3 years

My eyebrows and eyelashes are quite fair, and I found out in my early teens that getting them both tinted, and the brows shaped really made a big difference to framing my face. benefitbrowbar_2When the Benefit Bar opened in my local Debenhams I ended up going there for the first time purely out of convenience. I really needed my brows doing and they accepted walk-ins. But I’ve kept on going back for years now.

They are open into the evening and there are usually a few girls there who can do brows and lashes. The prices are really reasonable, they are quick, efficient, and consistent. You don’t have to go into a beauticians and go into the treatment room with the whale music – getting a wax and tint isn’t a relaxing experience so we might as well get it done as efficiently as possible!

In addition, there are a few ways to save extra money on the treatments.

  1. Debenhams Beauty Points: At least one point per pound, often more as they usually have some debenhamspoints giveaway event on. I also collect them on other beauty products sold in Debenhams which I would have bought anyway, and then I use the points to redeem on treatments.
  2. Benefit Brow Bar Loyalty Stamps: Getting free points or discounts half the time you visit

With the different discounts it usually costs about £25 for all three treatments (That’s for Benefit shops in London)

I get my brows tinted with a mix of brown and black tint, which lasts about 3, after 10 days I start using a brow pencil again. The lashes last 3-4 weeks, which means you have lovely dark lashes top and bottom, straight out of the shower.

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