Inamo Bottomless Brunch – Interactive Tables & Order From An iPad

Inamo made me very very VERY excited.

As you enter Inamo in Covent Garden the lighting is low and the brightest things in the room are the tables themselves. That’s because the tables and interactive, and seeing this for the first time, was really very cool.

We were there for the bottomless brunch of Asian tapas & prosecco.

Each table has an iPad with every tapas plate available and you just add plates to your order and click ‘send to waiter’. They are then delivered to our table when they’re ready. Your glass is refilled constantly throughout the meal, as the waiters don’t have to take meal orders they can spend the maximum amount of time filling up drinks. This I approve of.

To add to the fun you are given a small plastic pointer which can be used as a kind of mouse on the table. The table is lit from a projector above it, and when you tap the table a menu appears. You can watch the chefs cooking via webcam, or play games with your diner partner (/opponent) and even change the table cloth so it’s more suited to your mood. Using the pointer gets a bit difficult when your plate (which takes up most of your area of the table) becomes dirty, so you have to work your way around that. But we were entertained the entire time we were there. The food was delicious, and the proseco was, well, unlimited! I’d go back again in a heartbeat.

The time limit on the table is 1.5hours, and we were determined to make the most out of it. We probably ordered about 20 dishes between the two of us; everything from curry to satay chicken, to dumplings.

Inamo 10/10 The selection of food choices make Inamo my top bottomless brunch. From sticky chicken wings to yummy sushi the ipad menu selection keeps you ordering more until you are full. The interactive tables are really fun and the atmosphere and décor is just what you want from a brunch. Topped off with quick prosecco re-fills, this is my favourite London Bottomless Brunch.

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