Harrods Food Hall – Luxury Confectionary & Sweets

I took my mum to Harrods Food Hall, mainly for the experience, but we couldn’t resist buying a few of the colourful cakes. 

We are both afflicted with the sugar addiction virus..

It was such a lovely experience to browse the over-priced but beautiful creations, each different stand displaying a different kind of sugar based indulgence.

  I couldn’t help but notice that most of the other people in there seemed like tourists, and very few people were purchasing anything. 

The main items being bought seemed to be the Harrods branded tins of biscuits rather than the far superior freshly made items at the counters.

Nom mom

We went downstairs to the cafe which is always reasonably quiet and does amazing coffee with hazelnut cream. Massively recommend !!

Yum yum 

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