Britney Spears Fantasty Perfume Review

Personally I think celebrity fragrances are underrated. Yes, often the packaging can be tacky and you never have heard of the celebrity. However, they are usually reasonably priced, and often in the sale, and if you get the right fragrance it can last much longer than top end fragrances which can cost over £100.

Fantasy has been around for a long time, and there is a reason for that. It’s a good perfume, and it lasts. I can spray fantasy  and still smell it on clothing days later.stack-of-white-chocolate-istock

The fragrances are all quite sweet and fruity and therefore not for everyone. They are a fun and young smell, and not for someone looking for a more sophisticated fragrance.

The core fragrance is the original pink Fantasy, but there is now a range of different coloured fantasies with a slight twist on the original fragrance. My personal favourite is midnight fantasy which is dark purple, it is a bit less sweet and smells like blackberries!

Gift Verdict: Only for teenagers. This is a forbidden pleasure adults buy for themselveskiwi_xiel_1

Top Notes: White chocolate, kiwi, litchi

Base Notes: Woody, jasmine

Available in 100ml (£20-25) and 50ml (£15)

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