Walkers of Whitehall – London Bottomless Brunch


As I continue my exploration of the London bottomless brunch scene, Walkers of Whitehall was next on the list.
Located just off Trafalgar Square, the restaurant definitely reminds me of the leather and wood of the parliamentary chambers down the road in the Palace of Westminster. You get the feeling that many a political deal has taken place in Walkers over the years.

I had signed up for the bottomless brunch which was £29 for three courses and unlimited proseco. Great value for a London bottomless brunch.

One of the things you notice is that they really do mean unlimited proseco. Your glass is constantly filled up even if is half full. The staff are very attentive and genuinely do watch your glasses to make sure they’re are always filled.

They provide you with a little bottle of peach and raspberry purée. So lots of fun can be had adding these to the proseco to make your own Bellini ! A nice twist.

The verdict: 7/10 The customisable Bellinis was a nice touch. The food wasn’t particularly knock-out, and the lack of natural light downstairs made it feel a bit clinical. But overall, great value for money, service and location.


The food itself was a bit more basic than I had expected. I had hummus followed by a burger. Both of which were nice, but when compared to the dining experiences you can get for a similar pice somewhere like inamo (see Inamo Brunch – The Future is Here (Finally!) ) it was really quite different. Nevertheless, it was a fun experience, and good value for the amount of proseco they served, but I’d go here again for the proseco and not especially for the food.


The verdict: 6/10 Overall, the staff were fantastic, I can’t fault them. This makes a big difference as it can almost ruin a bottomless brunch when it’s clear the staff don’t want to keep topping you up, or are too busy to remember to. The food is essentialy good pub food, which is absolutely fine for the price! Go check it out…

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