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It’s true that it can be a real pain to have to schedule your beauty appointments around your life. I know reading that sentence back it sounds like such a ‘first world problem’, but for beauty addicts like me, it is still a real inconveience. Once you’ve sorted your brows you see your nails need re-doing, you need a pedicure, and your waxing is due. The different salons are open at different times and usually involve an extra journey to get there each time. When you work full-time, it feels like a shame to use your precious spare time to juggle your beauty schedule. 

I was invited to Level-24, a company with a different approach to beauty services, to try out their luxary pedicure. They are a beauty concierge service for members only, which will either come to your location any time (I am assured that yes it really is a 24 hour service) or you can pop into their Liverpool Street or Mayfair Salon. They work on a members referral basis and boast some celebrity clients amoungst their members.

As I was in St James’s that day I went along to the Mayfair salon to try out their luxary pedicure. The salon was on New Bond Street which is one of my favorite streets. I love all the flags and the old buildings. The windows are always so beautifully dressed, and the street has lights in the pavement – it’s basically Disney World for shopaholics.

New Bond Street

New Bond Street

The salon was a few floors up above the shops; like a girly peaceful sanctuary above the shopping street below. When I entered the aromas of the products and candles made it feel very homely and comforting. 


I was having a shellac pedicure. Usually if I were to go to the pedicure place down the street  this would take about 30 minutes, but here it was a an hour and a quarter. The lady was very thorough and not rushed at all.

mayfair pedicure

One of the owners told me how they had gone to great lengths to customize and choose all the items in the salon. She told me how she had spent years sourcing a copper bowl to be used for the water in the pedicure, because copper had anti-bacterial properties. 



It was clear to me that as a company Level-24 really did aim to go the extra mile. They were happy to work around customer’s schedules and seemed to genuinely care about the experience and quality of service they gave to their customers. 

If service and quality is what you’re looking for then I’d definitely recommend you give them a try. Level-24 Website

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