Eyebrow Extensions & An Eyelash Lift

I have to admit I hadn’t heard of eyebrow extensions before I visited Holly’s Beauty Enhancements for the treatment, but always being keen to try out new beauty treatments and techniques I said yes as soon as Holly explained how they work.

Before I go on holiday I like to make sure my brows and lashes are ‘on point’ so I don’t need to worry too much about makeup when I’m lounging around the pool, stretched out carefree like a cat in the summer. So one evening before I went off on my Thailand adventures I visited Holly at her lovely home studio for some treatments.


My brows are quite fair so I have had them tinted since my teens. Despite never plucking them myself they still have some funny sparce patches in them which the Eyebrow Extensions could fill in. So how does it work? Essentially it is very similar to lash extensions; individual tiny faux mink hair pieces are glued in single pieces next to the routes of your natural hair in a matching colour. After doing some Eyebrow Definition to tidy and define my natural brows and give an even colour and good base shape, Holly went ahead and applied the Eyebrow Extensions to fill in any sparse areas and complete the desired shape. I can imagine this is great for ladies with thinning brows as you can have as many hairs as you like put in. 


Holly did a Lash Lift & Tint to enhance my natural lashes, so this treatment didn’t involve adding in any false lashes. After tinting them she applied perming fluid and they were wrapped around a mould. After about 15mins the perm would be complete, so we did the brows while the lashes were setting.

The lash curl will last up to three months, and the brow tint two to three weeks. This was a great way to prepare for my holiday and left me with ‘on fleek’ brows and lashes for the entire trip.


Eyebrow extensions Eyebrow extensions



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