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Flesh & Buns

Flesh & Buns, a Japanese restaurant on Seven Dials in Covent Garden, is somewhere I have been hearing about over the past couple of months, so of course I had to go check it out. Building on the success of soft Japanese buns at Bao, Flesh & Buns offers a bottomless brunch which is centred around your choice of four varieties of bun and flesh (aka meat/veg option).

The restaurant is below ground so the entrance isn’t immediately obvious. The door looks to be an old stable door (it always amazes me how many old stable doors there are in central London, it’s hard to imagine countless horses parading up and down the streets the way that our uber drivers do now).

It was 3:30 on a bank holiday Monday afternoon and the restaurant was buzzing. When you sit down at the table you are immediately offered a welcome drink to start – either a Strawberry Bellini or Bloody Mary; of course I went for the Bellini option to sip on while I checked out the menu.

There were two options for bottomless brunch- one at £39 and one at £45. The more expensive of the two seemed to have quite a variety of fish which did sound lovely. I was conscious that this was an ‘ all you can eat’ situation, so we went for the cheaper option as that looked great too and more than adequate!

After my Bellini I moved onto prosecco, which was always kept topped-up throughout the two hours (a critical part of a bottomless brunch in my opinion). As we snacked on the avocado and tomato crisps and dips the waiter recommended we order all the starters then choose our favourite and order more of them, so that’s what we did. In hindsight, it probably would have been wiser to wait until after the flesh and buns to order further starters, as we struggled to finish the buns because we made ourselves so full from all the starters! (They were so good I just kept ordering more…yes I have no shame when it comes to bottomless brunch!).

My favourite starter had to be the chicken; both the wings and the skewers. The flesh and buns though were the highlight of the meal. The buns are unbelievable soft and cloud-like and there was plenty of meat for four buns each; we ordered the duck and pork belly for the flesh.

The verdict: 9/10 My glass was never empty and neither was my plate. Very quick and attentive service, delicious food and a buzzing atmosphere makes Flesh & Buns a must visit for any London Bottomless Brunch aficionado.

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Flesh & Buns

Flesh & Buns


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