Daisy Green Food – Tumbling Down The Rabbit Hole…Just Behind Oxford Circus

Sundays are for brunching in London, and I’d heard good thins about Daisy Green Food. Being a Sunday I drove into town and parked just north of Oxford Circus, where Daisy Green Food is located, on a quiet corner, away from the hustle and bustle of the busiest street in London.

I ordered my usual skinny hot chocolate (kidding myself that the skinny bit cancels out all the sugar!) and an avocado on charcoal toast. I think the menu at Daisy Green Food really undersells itself, because all the dishes we ordered were beautifully prepared and had so much more to them the simple description made out. My friends deconstructed bacon and onion breakfast looked amazing.

The décor is certainly unusual. I noticed half way through my meal that there was a giant bunny rabbit head mounted on the wall above me. Though slightly creepy, the restaurant certainly felt rustic and homely, and had a distinct Alice in Wonderland feel to it – check out the pics below.

I’d recommend Daisy Green Food for a brunch or lovely informal dinner in a girly setting – I’ll have to go back and try out their bottomless brunch next time for my guide.

Daisy Green Food

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