WeGym – Personal Training On A London Rooftop

I’ve always wanted to have a Personal Trainer. I’m one of those people who needs someone motivating me, advising and essentially shouting at me to get the exercise done! But PTs have always been out of my budget. That’s why when I heard about WeGym I got quite excited.
WeGym starts at £20/hour for a fully qualified PT to run you through a customized exercise programme. My friend Charlotte and I joined the lovely WeGym PTs on a rooftop in Shoreditch on a very sunny Sunday morning. The guys were happy to come to any park or convenient location for us, but when they offered the rooftop space, over-looking the city, we couldn’t say no. I think the beautiful views and lovely weather definitely helped distract from any pain from the exercise!
We then spent the next hour and a half with our PT, going through various exercises and different circuits. They had plenty of equipment to facilitate the session, including some nice small weights which I could actually lift!

The session opened with a discussion of what our requirements were, in terms of what we wanted to improve and our current levels of fitness etc. I’m used to going to standard gym classes, so it was great to have a session which was customized to what I wanted to work on.
The trainers were really professional and clearly experienced, but they were really good fun too! We were about to have a laugh and keep the session light-hearted, again helping us push through the pain!
I really enjoyed my session with WeGym, and will absolutely be going back for some more sessions. I think this kind of PT training, mixed with my running, will be a perfect combination to help cancel out the calories from my bottomless brunches!


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