Van Arthur Master Florist Class

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll probably know that I’m a big flower fan, so when Van Arthur florists invited me to a masterclass I jumped at the opportunity.

The Van Arthur shop in the arcade behind Liverpool Street station is the second outlet for the company, after their first shop in Harrow. The window has been beautifully decorated with flowers and the class (including snacks and prosecco!) was layed out outside the shop, which looked like a tropical oasis in the middle of the city.

Van Arthur

Van Arthur






Van Arthur

Van Arthur








We kicked-off the class with a really interesting explanation of the basics of flowers and bouquet creation. Some of the things I learnt…Van Arthur

  • Flowers are either bred for smell or longevity, not many flowers have both. 
  • ‘Flower food’ doesn’t actually feed the flowers, it actually just removes bacteria from the water, so if you don’t have any you can use an aspirin or even a very small drop of bleach! 
  • The cleanness of the water in the vase is what affects the health of the flowers, so make sure the vase is super clean!


Once we had learnt the basics we were given a mix of ‘focal flowers’ like roses, and lots of foliage. The idea is that you start with your main focal flower, and then keep adding items as you hold the bunch in your hand and keep turning it like a spiral. This means that by adding a good mix of flowers and foliage you get an nice even spread which highlights the main flowers. 

Van Arthur

Once we had completed the flower arranging part of the bouquet, the team taught us how to correctly tie the bouquet and cut the bottom of the stems, so that the bunch can stand up by itself (apparently the sign of a good bouquet!).Van Arthur

The next steps was wrapping; Van Arthur use lovely rose gold paper which which we wrapped our bouquets in. We then added the cellophane wrap and pored water into the bouquet which is then held by the cellophane. 

By the end of the night we had all produced boquets to be proud of. The process is much much harder than it looks, and a real skill which the guys at Van Arthur have mastered. 








I had such a fun time with the team at Van Arthur, their bouquets were beautiful, and the goody bag which they gave us, with yummy chocolates and a cute cactus, was really cute, everything was high quality. 

Van Arthur have kindly given us a 20% discount code – Online or in store, us the code SOKI for 20% off your order.

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