Feya Cafe London Review

Feya Cafe

Feya Cafe is a newly opened cafe in the heart of central London and having seen the beautiful marble tables and floral decor on Instagram, I couldn’t wait to pay a visit. After getting off the tube at Bond Street, Feya Cafe was just a short walk north (essentially it’s behind Selfridges and to the right).

One of the first things I noticed was that every table was taken, but it didn’t feel overly busy. Some similar places I have visited like Elan Cafe have felt very packed with barely enough room to squeeze into your table. Feya Cafe felt spacious light and airy. 

Service was quick and there was plenty of meal options on the menu as well as their selection of cakes. Even though it was evening, we decided to go for brunch food, just because the avo and salmon, and the pancakes sounded amazing! 

Feya Cafe Feya Cafe

I really loved the presentation of all the dishes. The Feya Cafe staff create everything to order and clearly put time, care and love into their dishes presentation. The flowers on the salmon where a cute touch, and even the cream on the pancakes was pink!

Feya Cafe Feya Cafe Feya Cafe

Overall, I’d definitely recommend Feya Cafe for a lovely bite to eat or brunch. It’s got a bright and fresh atmosphere, and with it being right in the heart of the shopping district, its a nice little pink haven from the crowds outside.

You can watch my vlog from my visit to Feya Cafe below too!

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