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I aim to offer an aspirational view of London whilst encouraging everyone to enjoy the little things in life which we take for granted every day.

I write my blog because I want to share with my readers what it’s like living in London, and to provide convenient and truthful information on the huge variety of things to do here. I write in a simple and honest way on all things fashion, beauty, restaurants and life in London. I’m originally from rural Lancashire, so I’m enjoying being a country girl exploring the city!

Whether it be my fledgling modelling career, eating and drinking in London, and perfumes (one of my passions), beauty and everything else. I will keep you up to date on what’s going on and hopefully keep you entertained and slightly informed!

After my Masters degree I moved to London from rural Lancashire and have been having such an amazing time exploring our capital city that I decided to start TotallySoki to share my experiences and adventures with the world. I’ve been dabbling in modelling since 2015 and absolutely love it.


Soki London


In 2015 I had bacteria Meningitis B and septicaemia. My chances weren’t good (I didn’t know about this being unconscious) but since getting through this experience I have found a new lease of life. I try and make the most of every second, and love to share my different adventures and experience with others.

I hope you enjoy my blog, and if you have anything you would like me to write about just drop me a comment and I’ll do my best to post about it!

Check out my Instagram for daily updates, YouTube for Videos or Twitter for general ranting.

Soki London



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