London Cat Village

It’s one of those things, which you wonder why it hasn’t been done before. I’d love to have a cat, but living on the 8th floor has it’s downsides, and not having a garden and place suitable for a pet is unfortunately one of the. So what better when to relieve my cravings to squeeze something warm, fluffy and purring than to visit the London Cat Village.

First of all, we had to book. Apparently the venue is so popular, you simply can’cat3t just turn up. When you arrive you are ushered inside with the door open for the least amount of time possible. You immediately find yourself in a small pen, filled with other patron’s shoes. The smell of feet and litter trays hits you straight away. Sushi Samba this is not, the café is primarily there for the creatures darting about with increasing impatient expressions, as people try and snap a selfie with them.

Once you have left your shoes in the pen by the door you are allowed into the café and shown to your seat. There isn’t any music on and everyone is speaking in hushed voices.

catYou do not go to the Cat Village for the food, you go for the cats. We ordered some cups of tea and some homemade cheese tarts. Both took at least 20mins to arrive. Not that this mattered as I was completely distracted by the cats, there were a lot of cats. Fat ones, thin ones, fluffy ones, lean ones, happy ones, sleepy ones, and even disabled ones! It turned out that all the cats resident in the café (yes they do sleep there) are all rescue cats. Most appear to be pedigree, and no two are the same breed.

The café has a window which opens onto the street which they have covered in netting to stop the cats escaping. A particularly energetic cat keeps trying to jump the pen every time the door opens. Outside the window groups of people, without reservations, gather to look inside, and if they are lucky, can find themselves face-to-face with a particular feline who likes to sit by the window and look out at his admiring public.

If you like cats the London Cat Village is for you. Just don’t expect anything else beyond exactly what it says on the tin.

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