Powder Nails! (Signiture Nail Systems)

I usually go and get my nails done at my local salon, Sen Nails in Battersea, every 2 weeks. I’ve had periods where I stopped and just left them natural, but I always find when I see other girls with lovely shiny bright nails I get so envious, I always end up going back to get them done.

I’ve always had Shellac nails done, but today when I went into thnailse salon the staff were all excited about a new product they had got in, where they create your nails from pots of powder….it didn’t take much to convince me…I had to try it.


After they had taken off my old Shellac, and done the manicure, they started coating my nails in a transparent bonding coat. We then began a process of dipping the nails into a pot of powder, applying the coat, dipping again etc. Initially they used a transparent/white powder, then the red colour, then back to the transparent to finish it of. The powder gets on the rest of the tip of your nail, but it dusts off pretty easily.


Finally he coated my nails in a few layers of shiny top coat, and we were done! It took about the same time as the Shellac takes normally, but it was a more pleasant experience – not having to have your nails in the UV light ‘tent’ (as I like to think of it… like a tanning booth for Borrowers).

My impression is that these SNS nails are very similar to Shellac except they are slight thicker and seem much more durable. I hope to get 3 weeks out of them…and it was really fun to have your nails done in a different way to normal, why not!?



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