An afternoon at the British Museum

Sometimes you have one of those days when you realise how lucky you are to live in one of the best capital cities in the world. The British Museum, which is just north of Covent Garden in Holborn, is a lovely free place to go for the day.

The beautiful marble white of the insides hit you as soon as you walk in. With a huge spiral staircase dominating the centre of the atrium. 

We went upstairs to have a leisurely lunch at the restaurant which sits at e to of the spiral staircase.

There was an Asian special exhibition on so we went for the special Asian set menu.

Being a tourist destination the food of course was not cheap.  But there was a welcome tranquility which in contrast to the busyness of  of the museum downstairs, somehow made the restaurant set above it all seem special.Thr only thing that let the restaurant down was the service. It was hard to get some attention intitially to be seated, and I had to remind the waitress what came with the  Asiain menu. The toilettes were also very dated and needed a refresh.

I’d recommend this as a nice place to go when you aren’t too worried about budget and want somewhere a bit special for a nice lunch away from it all. Very pleasant.

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