Bottomless Brunch at Gordon Ramsey’s London House Battersea

I’m sitting here on a plush sofa, next to a marble and solid wood fireplace filled with candles. I can see an old fashioned globe and a pile of old books, a vintage rug, and lots of other plush sofa’s all around me. I’m in London House a gorgeous Battersea restaurant in Battersea Square, and plush is absolutely the word to describe this palace.

Battersea restaurant

Owned by Gordon Ramsey, as soon as you walk inside you can see that you’re in a quality establishment. The décor is effortlessly classy, yet it feels cosy rather than intimidating, and warm not cold.

Battersea restaurant

The building is quite big, and is separated into a chilled bar area with sofas and chairs, and the restaurant area. I’ve spent time in both, and I think I prefer the bar area just because the chairs are so comfy!

Battersea restaurant

The staff are not pushy, so there is no pressure to keep ordering; it’s ok to just sit and work on a laptop (like I’m doing now) or chat with friends and enjoy the surroundings. 

Battersea restaurant

Battersea Square has a road running through it, but you can’t really hear the cars. In summertime the restaurants in the square have lots of outside seating which is usually buzzing with people. A recent development of flats in the square were launched this year, with prices starting from £1mill.

What’s cool about London House, is that even though it is owned by a top chef, they aren’t afraid to have daily deals running. One of which is the weekend bottomless brunch which runs to 5pm, or WineWednesdays, where wine is sold at retail price (effectively half price).

This time I had chips and muscles, my favourite dish. The sauce the mussels are in is one of the most intensely garlicy sauces I’ve ever had, and as a huge garlic fan, I was in heaven!

Battersea restaurant

The verdict: 9/10 Overall, I really love this place. I go here often as an easy place to chill and feel at home. It’s £15 for bottomless prosecco which is a better deal than a lot of other places, yet the setting and food is such high quality – so it’s great value for money. If you are in the west Battersea area its definitely the best place to go in my opinion.



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