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Sometimes really simple products can make a big difference to your everyday beauty regime. I thought I would share with you my beauty hacks – some of the things which I have discovered that save me time and money. Even saving a minute a day is the equivalent to over 6 hours  time saving a year.

Nivea in-shower moisturiser

beauty hacks

I always wanted to moisturise my skin every day, especially in the winter when I find my shins in particular get dry and flaky with all the different tights I put on them. But the thought of getting up 10 minutes early every morning, covering myself in sticky moisturiser and wandering around until it had dry just didn’t appeal to me! When I saw that Nivea had launched a moisturiser which you put on the shower I went out and got it, sceptical though I was. It turns out it really does moisturise you, even though you’re in the shower. It’s become part of my every day routine to spend a minute in the shower covering myself in this stuff. Afterwards it doesn’t feel sticky, you can’t tell it is there really. But the dry skin has never since made a return.

This beauty hack allows me to do something I never would have made time for before.


Cheap perfume


Perfume is alcohol in a bottle with some essentials oils and other chemicals. Even if it’s a £100 Chanel, or a £15 Beyoncé Pulse, it is fundamentally the same thing. We all have our favourite fragrances, but I find that the expensive perfume your boyfriend gets your for Christmas, isn’t always appropriate for a trip to the supermarket or a visit to the nail bar. So I always keep a cheap fragrance for these occasions, to help save the expensive one for when people I really care about, are going to smell me (no offence supermarket check-out staff!). Lots of famous expensive perfumes have cheaper equivalents, watch out for a future blog when I’ll cover this!

This beauty hack saves me dollar.


Hair removal cream

1332876906-966882_fullWhen I go to get my eyebrows waxed, I would usually ask for a quick lip wax as well. Nobody wants to be walking around with a moustache, and even though I’m blonde, you can still see the hairs in bright light. It really isn’t a nice thing for people to have to look at. But instead of paying £5-£10 per waxing session I’ve started using hair removal cream. Once a week I pop it on my upper lip for about 60 seconds, before I get in the shower. Taking it off in the shower, when the heat makes your pours open, gets rid of that weird feeling on your skin you can get after using the cream. So just like that, and for a fraction of the cost, the hair is gone.

This beauty hack saves time and money.


Shellac Pedicure

shellac-cake-popWhether it be putting on a pair of flip-flops, going to a swimming pool or anything else which involves revealing our feet to the rest of the world, the last thing you really want to be thinking about is the state of your toe nails. I’ve been going for shellac pedicures for a long time now. I go every 6-8 weeks and the polish lasts the entire time. You can cut or file your nails down and the polish will remain. Granted by the end of the period the smaller toe nails may have grown out their varnish, but on the whole the effect lasts. You can get shellac pedicures for about £20-25 if you look around in London. Which works out at just pence per day to have (in my case) super sparkly toes ready for any occasion.


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