London V&A Museum 60s Exhibit – You Say You Want A Revolution

V&A exhibit South Kensington

My main take away from the latest exhibition from the V&A museum is that; I was born in the wrong decade. The 60s looked seriously fun.

I was lucky enough to have a ticket to an evening private viewing of the ‘You Say You Want A Revolution’ exhibit at the Victoria & Albert Museum in South Kensington, and so had to go and see what it was about. Getting out of the tube, I forgot how long and how beautiful the tunnel is which leads to the museums from the Tube station.

V&A exhibit South Kensington


There were beautiful lights up around the Natural History museum so I couldn’t resist snapping them against the night sky.

The V&A museum

The V&A museum

When I go the V&A there was a large queue – I was 5 minutes before opening time. To my relief the queue soon went down once the doors were open.

When you arrive in the entrance hall of the V&A you realise what a great museum this is. The glass chandelier which hangs in the central dome is just stunning (can you imagine how much it is worth!?). In the evening they set up a bar in the centre of the lobby which is well staffed so you can quickly get a much needed drink after a long day at work.

V&A exhibit South Kensington

To get to the exhibit you go through the V&A museum shop. This distracted me for about 15 minutes as I browsed through the unusual jewellery and gifts which they stocked. The greeting cards and wrapping paper were also really cute and very reasonably priced.

The V&A museum

When arriving at the exhibit itself, via a hallway filled with ancient statues. You are given an audio guide, which I am told I automatic; so it knows where you are in the exhibit and plays the relevant information.

V&A exhibit South Kensington
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The exhibit covers everything which went on in the late 60s. From the Beatlemania, to the Vietnam War, the Black Rights and feminist movements, and the models, musicians and politicians which were brought along with it, the wave of revolution in attitude which went on is really interesting and really fun to learn about.

The V&A museum


Some of the highlights for me were the original Beatles lyrics written on scrappy paper. I loved seeing the real from the Christine Keeler shoot – the naked girl sat on a brown chair which is covering her modesty.

They have a 180 degree screen showing footage of Woodstock, which when it was on, became one of the largest cities in New York, with over 400,000 people attending! They had original notes which had been stuck on trees by people who had lost their friends – from a time before mobile phones!

The V&A museum

The experience was multi-sensory – with the music and commentary playing in your headphones, videos and pictures everywhere, and notes to read under each, the experience was really immersive and I easily forgot anything else which was on my mind, as I was emerged in the experience.

I would recommend this exhibit to people of all ages, whether they experienced the late 60s or not. The experience is fun and memorable and a great idea for a date night or somewhere to go with the family.

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    1. Hi Lucy! Ah that’s great to hear – it was such a fun exhibit. It inspired me to go out and spend way too much on 60s / 70s clothes on Zara!!

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