London Dog Show #discoverdogs 100 breeds in one day

London Dog Show

Last Saturday I went to the London Dog Show. It was fantastic.

Before I start gushing about all the different dogs and puppies I saw, let me set the scene.


The exhibit was held at London Excel which involved a rare trip on the DLR for me. I’d forgotten how quiet and modern it is east of the city. I also didn’t realise just how big the Excel was! So big it has a different tube station at each end!

London Dog Show

When I got inside, it had the feeling of entering a small village, with shops and restaurants. There seemed to be at least two other events going on as well as the London Dog Show, both of which looked to be hosting thosands of people. Very big, very impressive.

London Dog Show

After a few minutes walk deeper into the centre I began to hear the woof of canines. Then it opened up in front of me, a sea of stalls, pens, and merchandise. And lots of dogs.

London Dog Show

There were two arenas within the show where different competitions and demonstrations were taking place. We saw some police dogs showing how they can search members of the audience for illicit substances, and also a few races between different breeds.

There wasn’t much in the way of food in the exhibit, so for lunch we popped out into the center of the Excel to one of the food court restaurants. The prices were reasonable and it got quite busy at lunch time.

London Dog Show

Overall, this was such a fun experience. I’ve never seen so many animals in one place and it was great to see lots of rare breeds and learn about different breeds I hadn’t really heard of before. I’d recommend this to anyone who is a dog or animal lover. We were there for hours and still didn’t manage to do it all. I feel so lucky to live in London where events like this are so easily accessible.

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