Snowflake Luxary Gelato – Soho, London

London gelato

Wandering around soho in the evening, the gelato shops tend to stick out as they are so brightly lit. A few years ago, I’m sure gelato wasn’t really a ‘thing’ in the UK but now there seem to be more London gelato shops and bars dedicate to ice cream and gelato in central London than there are coffee shops. Surprising given it is pretty cold here half of the year.

After a lovely meal at inamo (Check out my Inamo review) it was time to go looking for desert.

London gelato

Given that it was about 9pm, Snowflake was surprisingly busy.

London gelato

They had embraced the Halloween theme whole heartedly, and the gelato they had made in ghosts and pumpkin forms were so cute.

London gelato

I decided to try and be restrained and opted for a hazelnut macaroon.

London gelatolondon gelato

The macaroon itself was very sweet. This worked quite well with the deep hazelnut flavour of the gelato inside. It was gone in 30 seconds.

What was really great was that none of the gelato looked like it had melted at all. All the carefully prepared delicacies were well preserved and very tempting.

London gelato

If you haven’t tried one of these places I’d definitely recommend popping in for a treat. I think it would work well to get a gelato bar licenced, so you could go there for proscco and gelato before a meal. But perhaps that’s just because I’m a prosecco addict!

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