The Big Easy Bottomless Brunch on the King’s Road

The Big Easy

As I continue my exploration of London’s bottomless brunch scene (for research purposes only of course) I payed a visit to The Big Easy on the King’s Road in Chelsea for their lobster bottomless brunch. The Big Easy is an American themed restaurant serving traditional all American food. I could have opted for the all you can eat ribs, chicken and beans, which did look delicious, but I’m such a huge lobster fan that I had to plunge for that, I even doubled it up for £5 extra. The lobster wasn’t unlimited which meant that I didnt leave the restaurant, as I usually do from these things, absolutely stuffed. The other meat option on the other hand was unlimited, so I was a bit jealous of that..!

The Big Easy has a great athmosphere. They’re always busy and always playing great American rock music. The stuff are usually running around taking care of everyone, it’s kind of like a more chilled version if the Hard Rock Cafe. 

I alternated between prosecco and frozen mojitos, but there was also beer and wine available as part of the limitless deal. As far as bottomless brunches go, at £29.50 The Big Easy is one of the better value places to go in London, with most others usually being in the £30s. 

The verdict: 8/10 Great value of money for the volume of food and the choice between frozen mojitos and prosecco is the a nice touch. Great for meat lovers who can go for the unlimited chicken and ribs.

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The Big Easy

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