Brazilian Blow-Dry – A De-frizzing Keratin Treatment

Brazilian Blow-Dry

Brazilian Blow-Drys have come into the mainstream over the past few years. I went to the lovely Michaela Mitoi Hair Salon on the river in Battersea Reach to get my pre-holiday Brazilian Blow-Dry. The treatment is intended to reduce frizz and make the hair more shiny and healthy. It lasts for three to four months, and really helps before you go on holiday, to prevent that ‘crazy hair’ moment when our British locks are hit by the humidity of a foreign climate.

The treatment started with multiple shampoos to prepare my hair for the treatment. They used a Deep
Cleansing Shampoo from Amazon Shine which is used to open the hair cuticles, leading to a better
absorption of the treatment at the next stage. After the shampoos my hair was really squeaky, as it had taken out any product which might have been left in. After the shampoo my hair was blow-dried to get rid of any moisture. At this point, without any conditioner, my hair was nice and fluffy and felt ready to receive lots of nourishing treatment! Using a special brush the keratin treatment was applied to my hair section by sections until it was completely coated. The product has a very slight smell but it isn’t a chemical one, more similar to the smell of a conditioner.

In order to activate the treatment heat must be applied, so after a blow-dry my hair was sectioned and taken through the straighteners. This activates and seals in the treatment. As you can see from the pictures, after this was done my hair was super shiny and looked really healthy.

The aftercare advise is to not to wash your hair for a few days, or wear any hair bobbles, as this could leave a kink. After three days I washed it and it felt thicker and shinier. I’ve not had any frizz problems in the London rain and can’t wait fight the humidity in Mexico in a couple of weeks!

If, like me, you suffer from frizzy hair which easily looks dry at the ends, then a Brazilian Blow-Dry is definitely a worthwhile investment and much better than spending money on high street hair products which can often not live up to the claims they make.

The staff at Michaela Mitoi Hair Salon are so lovely, I’ve been going there a while and would highly recommend it, especially for this treatment. I particularly love the vibrating massage chairs at the washing counter, and the lovely teapot and cup which the tea is served in.

Brazilian Blow-Dry


Brazilian Blow-Dry
After the treatment had been applied
Brazilian Blow-Dry
and after!

Brazilian Blow-Dry

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