Bob Bob Ricard – A Beautiful Russian Restaurant In Soho

Bob Bob Ricard

Bob Bob Ricard is a Russian restaurant based right in the heart of London’s Soho. From the outside you can tell that the Russian theme is absolutely being taken seriously, with beautiful windows and gold trimmings, it wouldn’t be out of place in 19th century Petersburg. Inside, the decor is just beautiful, everything feels warm and decadent, and you really don’t want to leave the atmosphere they have created at the end of your meal.
We were a party of six and sat downstairs where the tables are booths with beautiful lamps and really comfy seating. Bob Bob Ricard is famous for their ‘Press For Champagne’ button, which was proudly placed in the centre of our table. As soon as I sat down and saw the button, I was desperate to press it! Once pressed the button lights up and within 30 seconds a very smartly dresses waiter would appear offering the champagne menu.
All the food was well presented and the crockery and glasses were all true to the traditional Russian theme. The lobster macaroni cheese was to die for – two of my favourite foods in one!

The verdict: 10/10 I had such a wonderful time at Bob Bob Ricard. The atmosphere and decor was exceptional and made for a memorable and fun evening. I’d go back again in a heartbeat.



Bob Bob Ricard Bob Bob Ricard Bob Bob Ricard


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