Dr Schrammek Fresh facial at OMNI The Salon, Walton on Thames

OMNI The Salon

I visited the lovely beauty salon OMNI The Salon in Walton on Thames to try one of their flagship facials, the Dr Schrammek Fresh facial. I’ve had chemical peels before but this treatment appealed to me as it is the 100% natural but still medically developed.
My therapist told me that unlike the common chemical peel, which causes trauma to the skin’s surface to stimulate rejuvenation, Dr Schrammek uses active plant ingredients, including herbs, vitamins and enzymes which are worked into the skin and naturally absorbed to penetrate deep down to the lower layers, working from the inside out, regenerating the skin in a more natural way. So of course I had to give it a try!

After a good cleanse and tone to prepare the skin for the treatment, the multi-step process began. The crux of the treatment is the use of herbs mixed with activating cream to produce a green paste which is left on the skin for a few minutes. The longer it is left on the skin, the more intense the treatment. The strongest treatment requires you to not get your skin wet for five days, so I went for a less strong one (the Energiser Plus). The herb paste is then rubbed into the skin as it removes the dead cells and essentially the top layer of skin. I agreed with the therapist that the best way to describe the feeling was like fine pieces of crushed glass being rubbed on the skin. It wasn’t really painful, and it felt nice to know all those dead cells were being removed!

Afterwards further products and moisturisers were applied, leaving my skin feeling very fresh. For the next day or so my skin was slightly pink and looked quite shiny and new. But this wasn’t noticeable under the finishing product which the therapist kindly provided a sample of; the Dr Schrammek Blemish Balm. This product contains anti-bacterial products and calms reddened skin, while being tinted to help cover any redness. It has a soft matting effect and wasn’t greasy at all. My therapist told me that The Blemish Balm was developed in 1967 and is the original BB Cream!

I’d recommend this treatment for anyone looking to get that rejuvenated feeling in their skin and to walk away from the salon feeling refreshed. OMNI The Salon is a lovely place to visit, with modern décor and great staff. My favourite little touch was the heated treatment bed which made a big difference in a cold February day!

OMNI The Salon
With the green peel on
OMNI The Salon
My skin afterwards

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