Sky Garden, London. The Fenchurch Restaurant And Views Across The City

The Walkie Talkie is a relatively new addition to the London skyline, and perhaps most famous for its reflection of the sun onto the pavement below, causing a few incidents of melting cars (luckily this issue has now been fixed!). Though mainly occupied by office space, the very top of the building, then Sky Garden, is dedicated to a restaurant, cafe and large tropical garden style area.
The cafe area was busy and felt oddly a bit like an airport lounge, echoey with basic tables and chairs. However, the Sky Garden Fenchurch restaurant, which was positioned above the cafe area, was a very different space. Luxurious with modern decor, this felt like the type of exclusive London restaurant you would expect to find in such a central location, just perhaps a bit higher in the air than normal! The views from the Sky Garden really were impressive, although on the day I visited it was cloudy and rainy, you could still see down to St Paul’s cathedral and across the river to The Shard. I love seeing from above how the roads wind their way through the buildings, and it always amazes me how many rooftops are covered in green or brown mossy growth, making the view a bit greener than you would expect.

After a Bellini at the bar we were shown to our table. All the tables were positioned so the seats looked outwards at the views. The service was great, the food well presented and tasty (see pics below!). I loved the athmosphere; you felt you could take your time to enjoy the view and the Sky Garden experience. 

Sky Garden

Sky Garden



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