Novikov – Overpriced Or Worth The Hype?

Ive heard Novikov mentioned quite a lot, so was keen to check it out. Located near Berkley Square and some of London’s best restaurants, like the trendy Sexy Fish and Marcus Wareing, so expectations are high from the start. After passing the approval of the two bouncers on the door, I was allowed in. It felt like the bouncers were there for show, as there is no age limit on dining. 

It was a Wednesday night and the huge restaurant was absolutely packed. Mainly with families who looked to be on vacation and groups of businessmen in matching suits. Novikov is separated into two restaurants; one Italian and one Asian. I was in the Asian one which is at the front of the restaurant.

The menu was quite vast, and presented all on one large sheet. It took a while to digest and we got the waiter to explain ‘how it worked’. We were told to order the different dishes as if they were tapas, and that they wouldn’t necessarily arrive at the same time. It was quite surprising when a minute later, dishes were placed on our table, but it transpired these were meant for the table next to us and were delivered in error.

The starters were tasty and offered lots of veggie and meat options. They reminded me a lot of inamo. The mains also looked great. I didn’t enjoy my duck as it was covered in a transparent sauce, which I still haven’t been able to figure out what this sauce was, as it wasn’t mentioned on the menu. The deserts were nice but nothing special.

Overall, I think my issue with Novikov was the price.  The food was nice, but I’ve had similar else where for cheaper. Everything felt about 50% more expensive than it should have been, and nothing blew me away. Having said that, the restaurant was full so it must be appealing for some – perhaps I just wasn’t their target market!


I can confirm th chickens were real
What a £15 cocktail looks like

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