Gung-Ho! Me + The Biggest 5k Inflatable Obstacle Course In The World


If you’re bored of the standard 5k run format, then Gung-Ho! is for you. This is literally a 5k run with a load of giant inflatable obstacles which you have to get over to complete the course.

These ranged from inflatable walls, humps, and potholes, and involved lots of jumping, clambering and sometimes falling too. As someone who has done a non-inflatable obstacle course, and ended up in A&E with a black eye as a reward, the inflatable side of the course really appealed to me! It felt safe the whole time and there were plenty of family groups with young children going around the course.

The finale is the biggest inflatable slide in Europe. Which you climb up to the top off and then slide down, into the water and bubbles at the bottom. It’s very similar to a water slide at a theme park, except you have to run 5k before you get to do it.

I had a fab time doing Gung-Ho, especially because a lot of the time it didn’t really feel like exercise. I’d recommend this for families or anybody who fancies a change from the standard 5k run format.


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