The Roof Deck – Selfridges Pop-Up Restaurant On The Roof

After visiting Forest On The Roof at Selfridges during the winter, I couldn’t wait to see what The Roof Deck – McDonald’s restaurants’ answer to a spring/summer pop-up on the roof of one of the most famous shopping destinations in London was going to be like.

There was definitely a surf, beach and sunshine vibe going on as soon as you got in the restaurant private lift (this is the kind of restaurant which has a full-time employee to welcome you into the lift and press the lift buttons for you, this is Selfridges, we can’t be expected to press buttons ourselves and someone has to help keep our unemployment figures low). Down a corridor with pictures of various surf related activities, and some actual surfboards is the restaurant itself. Converted into a restaurant, with a temporary roof which I assume can be rolled back when the weather is nice, the restaurant has literally been ‘popped-up’ on a roof space which I assume wasn’t previously used.

I had a salad and chips with cheese on them (up north we call these cheesy-chips, but here they were called nooch chips – I asked the waiter what this meant and he said it was chips with cheese..). However, my favourite thing by a long way at The Roof Deck were the cocktails, the rhubarb Bellini tasted like strawberry and rhubarb ice cream, yet it wasn’t too sweet. Yum!

Overall, I felt like the theme had been stronger in the Forest On The Roof Christmas themed restaurant than at The Roof Deck, but I can imagine when the sun is shining, a waiter serving you yummy cocktails on the roof of Selfridges on Oxford Street can’t be the worst way to spend a sunny summer afternoon in London.

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