Dinner At The Ritz Restaurant

Dinner at The Ritz Restaurant is one of those experiences which you don’t forget in a hurry. Since moving to London five years ago going to The Ritz Restaurant has been on my bucket list, so I was excited when I finally managed to organise a visit!

I think the first time I really heard about The Ritz was in the film Notting Hill. I remember thinking how magical it looked, and how one day I hoped to be in a position to be able to visit.

That day came on a beautiful summers evening in May when I strolled through Westminster up to Mayfair, through St James’s and Green Park, both full of sunbathers and picnickers, to The Ritz on Piccadilly.

The main entrance was busy, with lots of very smartly dressed people, maybe Wedding goers, milling in and out through the revolving, gold trimmed doors. Inside, The Ritz has a central corridor which goes past the main desk, and past a beautiful restaurant area which I think is where afternoon tea is served. At the end of the main walkway, past a beautiful old piano and a huge Union Jack set of curtains, is The Ritz Restaurant.

As you would expect, everything about the room and the food was quintessentially British. From the waiters dressed in their black suits with different pins on their jackets to represent their different memberships and qualifications, to the string quartet and piano player who alternated their performances during the evening.

The food was really well presented and the service was excellent as you would expect. Check out the pics below !

The Ritz Restaurant
Check out the pink bathroom !

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