Quaglino’s – Gorgeous Iconic Dining In St James’s


Quaglino’s is a classic restaurant and bar, hidden in a side street in St James’s. It’s the kind of place you wouldn’t notice unless you knew about it. The entrance is pretty low-key compared to the beautiful restaurant which lies below. Walking down the stairs, past the beautiful flower displays, the restaurant opens up in front of you complete with perfect 1920s décor which made me feel like I was in an Agatha Christie novel.

I was lucky enough to be in the private dining room for an event, which was located above the main bar and dining area. There were beautiful purple and pink flowers everywhere, everything was presented so nicely and felt really classy.

The food itself was excellent. My favourite was the chocolate desert which was so soft it melted in the mouth. It was really rich but I still managed to finish it all! Considering how gorgeous Quaglino’s is, I think the prices were reasonable and didn’t break the bank.

Quaglino’s would be perfect for a special occasion, a great place to get dressed up for and go for a drink at the bar or a nice meal in the restaurant. I had a super time!



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