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If you are visiting London, it is much more fun if you experience the heart of the city, which can be found in quirky and cool unique London restaurants. If you want to enjoy food with a touch of weird and a unique flair, these are some of the restaurants you want to be visiting. Check out a local's list of the most unique restaurants and places to eat in London (in no order):

Dans Le Noir

This is a completely different dining experience than you are used to because not only are the entire staff blind, you are eating in complete darkness as well. I would definitely recommend coming here if you want a sensory experience and surprise menu options, ranging from vegetarian to fish and meat.

The Little Yellow Door

This Noting Hill bar is set out to look like a flat which offers cocktails and bar food. This Noting Hill bar is cozy and makes you feel like you are enjoying a fun night at a friends house. Every Friday the menu changes based on the "new housemates nationality" and every Saturday a house party takes place.


With a former public toilet transformed into a cafe, this is by far also one of the most quirky experiences you can have dining. It has been abandoned since the 1960s and is now a cafe that offers urinals as seats. You can enjoy a flat white with vanilla-dipped french toast.


If you are a foodie, this is definitely a cool place I would suggest you check out while in London. Here you can enjoy a take on Hong Kong's phenomenon, which is an egg waffle transformed into a cone and filled with ice cream, chocolate, fudge, or whatever else you desire. The lines for Bubblewrap are usually long, but definitely worth the wait.

The Cheese Bar

All cheese lovers are welcome at The Cheese Bar. This is a restaurant dedicated to all things dairy. From the guys behind The Cheese Truck, you can enjoy their cheese poutine, which contains cheese curds, chips, a fried egg, candied pancetta, and bacon gravy. Also try queso fundido where you can dip your mozzarella sticks in.

Petersham Nurseries Cafe

This cafe offers a place of calm and where you can reconnect with nature, with a sense of balance and space. You can enjoy tea and chocolate cake inside of the greenhouse, where you are surrounded by flowers and vegetation. Feel free to eat the edible herb-strewn, petal-strewn dishes. Take a stroll around the garden after you finish your lunch and also book a candlelit dinner at the restaurants supperclub nights.

La Bodega Negra

For those exotic lovers, La Bodega Negra is the perfect place for you. This Mexican restaurant is located downstairs, once you get past the sex shop. You can do some shopping before heading out to eat some tostaditas made with guacamole or tuna, your choice, or a paella.

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

What better place to eat unique, historic British dishes dating back as far as the 14th century, then at this restaurant. The two chefs, Ashley Palmer Watts and Heston Blumenthal, have spent countless hours researching the British Library and the kitchen archives at Hampton Court Palace to create a menu inspired by these historic recipes and cookbooks. The private dinning room area is designed in a 16th century Tudor architectural style, which seats up to 12 guests. It is definitely an experience worth living.


This restaurant offers some of the most exotic meats you have never considered eating. If you want to eat something out of the ordinary, then you would love this experience. The menu ranges from kangaroo, crocodile, pork belly, scorpion, alpaca, bison, zebra, caramelized worms, you name it. Once inside, you forget about the outside world because of how the restaurant is decorated, with exotic plants and paraphernalia.


Established in 1798, this makes for the oldest restaurant in London. If you are fascinated with history and also love classic British dishes, this is the place for you. It has had some of the most famous customers dine there, such as Charles Dickens and Lillie Langtry, and many more historically famous actors and poets.

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This post was written by the team at Home From Home, a London-based short-term & vacation rental apartment agency with hundreds of properties all over London.

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