Afternoon Tea At The Perception Bar W London

It was a sunny bank holiday Monday in London and I made my way through the bustle of Leicester Square to the W Hotel. I was there to try the Afternoon Tea at The Perception Bar there, which was themed around the English garden (I was hoping for a flower wall!).

The food is served in a black plastic box with compartments that you open or pull out. Kind of like a black jewellery box. Sometimes it was a little bit tricky to get the food out of the boxes, and the black plastic meant you could kind of see where a cloth had wiped it clean, so it didn’t feel like the most hygienic way to serve food, but a great effort to try something different. Along with tea, coffee and prosecco, the different courses were paired with cocktail inspired jello shots. There was also the compulsorily scones, cream and jam. So back to the back box, this is what was inside each door…

Behind door one: A mint-chocolate mousse-filled flower pot with popping candy dirt and sprouting micro cress, to be paired with the Banana Republic shot containing Belvedere, sage, lime, apricot jam, cinnamon and banana.

Door two: Queen Bee combines avocado, lemon thyme, pistachio, bee pollen and local honey sourced from Walthamstow with a Hayfever cocktail shot

Door three: The Dew Drop, served on a spoon; an edible summer tomato, rose water and Tonka droplet, sitting on a bed of Oreo and coffee soil, to be kicked back with the gin and Violette liqueur-based, Purple Rain.

The Dew Drop looked early like an eyeball or bouncy ball…

Door four: Lastly, floating behind the top door is Every Cloud, a playful variation on the popular carrot cake, infused with cardamom and sandwiched between two fluffy meringue clouds, matched with Pull the Pin made with Patron Silver, Aperol, maraschino, British strawberry and lime.

Overall all it was nice to have a bit of an alternative afternoon tea experience. The bar and food all felt very modern and trendy, so this is definitely one for you if you fancy something a bit different!

Afternoon Tea At The Perception Bar W London

Afternoon Tea At The Perception Bar W London


Afternoon Tea At The Perception Bar W London

Cloud with carrot cake inside
Fake pills in the jello shot!
Banana Jello Shot

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