Ballie Ballerson with

When Boohoo invited me to an event at Ballie Ballerson in Shoreditch, I was curious to see what the event would actually involve! Like most adults, I haven’t been to a ball pit since I was a child, but it turns out that adult ball bits are all the rage in East London. 

Ballie ballerson have 1 million plastic balls in the venue. Across a number of different ball pit. The main one is full of pink balls, and we had great fun trying to stay afloat (which is surprisingly difficult) and getting those all important photos while the tunes blasted out and the lights twinkled across the mirrored walls. Essentially imagine a nightclub but with a million pink balls.

They also had some cool retro sweet cocktails which we enjoyed long into the night. You can see the vlog of my visit over on my YouTube channel.

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